Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are demos created?

Grab screenshots of your software experience and simply upload them to your demo. Set visually where you’d like the hotspots to persist, and add any instructional copy you’d like.

2. How are demos updated?

WaveCX supports the duplication and archiving of demos, as well as the cross-demo updating of screenshots. This allows you to update demos with ease by simply updating the screenshot.

3. How are demos hosted?

WaveCX hosts demos on Google Cloud but with Enterprise URL-Masking, you can ensure your users never feel they’re leaving your trusted digital ecosystem.

4. Do you support multilingual?

WaveCX supports English and Spanish with additional languages available upon request.

5. How are demos served?

Demos are hosted by WaveCX on the Google Cloud Platform but can be delivered to internal and external audiences in a variety of ways:

  • Integrate WaveCX via Featurettes into your software experience
  • Send audiences to WaveCX demo links, which can be white labeled
  • Include demo content in marketing emails
  • Download demo content and share in any platform

6. Can demos be served within my software experience?

Yes! Meet users where they are by utilizing the WaveCX API to integrate demos into your software experience.

  • Launch full demos or simple image carousels to communicate to users what’s new
  • Personalize demos for users by passing user attributes to WaveCX
  • Use Trigger Points to pinpoint where in your software experience demos launch

7. How self-service is WaveCX?

WaveCX is a completely self-service platform — once you and your team gain access you control your own destiny.