How Banks Engage Customers & Train Employees With WaveCX

WaveCX is a highly effective platform of product demos and content, built for engaging customers and training employees in the banking industry. By demonstrating digital banking features and benefits, and how they work in practice, financial institutions (FIs) can showcase their offerings in an interactive and visually appealing way. This helps to engage customers, highlight specific features and benefits, and show how the product can be used to solve a particular problem or meet a specific need.

The WaveCX demo experience is mobile-first, responsive-optimized and high-fidelity experience designed with contemporary UX/UI best practices.

Prep Internal Audiences
Make Bankers Digital Experts
Equip the Call Center
Educate Customers
Increase Digital Adoption & Engagement
Reduce Call Center Volume

WaveCX FIs meet their customers in the channel of their choosing, by offering demos as standalone, vanity-URL-masked web experiences, or as integrated marketing assets in email campaigns and marketing sites.

WaveCX also allows FIs to embed WaveCX demos and and content into their digital banking experiences through the use of WaveCX Featurettes. Featurettes provide a configurable delivery channel that meets customers where they through personalized interactions. With this exciting technology, FIs can greet customers with a pop up telling them what’s new, prompt a tour of a new digital banking feature, embed rich media content into discoverable tool tips, or utilize a pull notification strategy to only prompt customers with contextual content when they appear to be stuck.

These embedded Featurettes can host a wide range of content all generated or hosted within WaveCX, such as:

  • Demos
  • Rich Text & Media
  • Image Carousels
  • FAQs
  • Surveys & forms

WaveCX’s demo platform offer a range of benefits for FIs, including improved customer engagement, increased sales, and more knowledgeable employees. By showcasing their products through WaveCX’s demo platform, FIs can increase customer interest and satisfaction, leading to more sales and a stronger customer base.

WaveCX’s demo platform also provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to support customers effectively, improving the overall customer experience and increasing loyalty. By investing in effective WaveCX’s demo platform, FIs can enhance the customer experience and drive business growth.

How your FI deploys the power of WaveCX

  • 1

    Create demos for your customers and internal teams, outfitted with clickable hotspots and annotated text.

  • 2

    Integrate your demos into your software experience via the WaveCX API.

  • 3

    Launch demos within your software experience, via white labeled hosting or integrated into any other platform.

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